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Unlocking Data-Driven 
Practice Excellence 
and Opportunity

Is your practice data failing to come together in a meaningful way? Do you lack trust in your clinical system data? Does your data only show what happened, not what should have happened?

You're not alone. We've seen these challenges across thousands of practices.

That's why we created the General Practice Demand and Capacity Optimisation Tool - an data capture and analytics system that helps General Practices to understand actual demand, rather than data just the 'activity' data stored in the clinical system.

This unique data set is then visualised to show areas for improvement allowing the practice to better match capacity accordingly.


Using the tool provides evidence for optimising demand and capacity against the general practice QOF indicators.     


How it works


Your practice holds and collects all kinds of data every day

  • Patient appointments

  • Incoming calls

  • Patient prescriptions

  • Staffing rotas

But how often does it come together meaningfully?

Many providers claim they can glean insights from clinical systems. But in our experience (across thousands of practices), this rarely rings true.

There are two key reasons:

  1. Practices don't trust clinical system data.

  2. Clinical systems don't capture 'what should have happened'.


The Data Collection and Results

We collect data over one week - an intensive effort that yields valuable insights.


Our automated analytics then provide a bespoke report outlining the size, nature and location of your practice's opportunities.

How is this different?


Other offers provide reports based on clinical system data. But that only shows what happened, not what should have happened.


For example, if a patient sees a doctor for a rash that a pharmacy could have handled, the clinical system simply logs the doctor visit.


Our tool captures the ideal pathway - pharmacy - to reveal the true opportunity.             


This purpose-built solution gives your practice actionable, trusted data to drive meaningful improvements.          


The Results

Our tool provides a robust, trusted report that:

  • Highlights specific opportunities to improve

  • Guides actions to implement improvements

  • Aligns demand and capacity with QOF indicators

Unlike other tools relying on flawed clinical system data, our solution provides the insights you need to:


  • Streamline operations

  • Refine access and planning

  • Prioritise improvements

  • Unlock a resilient future


patient experience 


staff well-being

Improved practice process efficiency (increasing internal capacity and smoothing capacity) 

Reduced patient wait times (reducing demand and smoothing demand)


How it works in a Practice

Curious to explore the real impact of our tool? Watch our video testimonial featuring Solihull Healthcare Partnership, where you can hear first-hand accounts of their transformative journey through the unlocked data from their practices.

The Team Behind the Tool

Our General Practice Demand and Capacity Optimisation Tool is the result of collective expertise from a diverse team of professionals who truly understand the intricacies of General Practice.


Comprising of GPs, Nursing Staff, Practice Managers, Reception staff, and Healthcare Improvement Experts, our team has accumulated over 100,000 hours of front-line practice experience, working across more than 2,000 practices.


With our deep-rooted knowledge of front-line practice working and life, we are deeply familiar with every data challenge that General Practice entails. 


Unlike external data suppliers or central teams, we possess unparalleled insights into the real-world challenges faced by practices. This empowers us to ask the right questions and focus on the critical areas that truly matter for your practice’s success.


Get in touch today to find out how you can optimise your practice's demand & capacity


Bilal Patel

GP Executive Partner for Finance and Estates and SHP

“The tool has provided a benchmark for us as an organisation. It’s made us realise how we use and utilise business intelligence is pitival in how we shape services. The data we received from the pack was quite distinct from our main clinical system. Putting the data together was something we couldn’t do within our existing clinical system. The pack was helpful in having that analysis on top of the data we already had…and has helped us immensely. The process of collecting the data was quite fun. It was nice to get everyone else involved and every member of the team was told about the process and it brought the entire practice together."


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