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Fast, Practical Improvement for General Practice

iGP builds on tools and techniques that have successfully supported hundreds of practices from across the UK to deliver fast, practical improvements.


iGP is only available to practices outside NHS England 

With 8 high impact areas, the iGP platform has been specifically designed to support UK based General Practice with implementing improvements in the day to day running of their practice.

Frequent Attenders

Team Planning

Common Approach

Efficient Processes

Effective Communication

Appropriate Appointments

Clear Job Standards

Well Organised Practice

Interactive, action orientated improvement for General Practice

iGP is our way of helping general practice release time and work more efficiently. The iGP platform leverages the power of the internet to provide a single, easy to use platform that is specifically designed to support General Practice with implementing improvements in the day to day running of their practice. The dedicated online platform helps practices to:

Identify challenges across 8 high impact areas

Show how changes could help improve the way the practice operates through bespoke and interactive simulations.

Provides access to all practice staff to understand the theory and then supports implementing the improvements.

Captures practice data and visualises the value of your improvements

iGP has been developed around an improvement methodology


An overview of the area we’re going to look at and the tools and techniques we required to implement any improvements you may make.


A simulation of the change, understanding how using the tools may help change the way the practice works.


Guiding you and your practice how to identify and then implement changes that make real world improvements to your practice.


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