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Health and care data specialists form partnership to provide unprecedented cost and time efficiencie

Integrated Improvement Partnership (IIP) will launch at NHS ConfedExpo on June 14 /15

A system which will deliver unprecedented cost savings and save countless staff hours within the NHS has been created by four businesses which have joined forces to reshape the health and care sector.

The launch of the Integrated Improvement Partnership (IIP) is a unique collaboration aimed at providing data-driven population health solutions to Integrated Care System (ICS) leaders through the combined healthcare and data expertise of Develop Consulting, Vuit, click2 learn, and Innovative Online Products (IOP).

This collaboration will redefine how ICS’s can access data, training, improvement solutions, and established resources. The comprehensive offering aims to enhance population health evaluation and analysis, improve provider and process efficiency, and enable capacity building.

Launching at the NHS Confed Expo on June 14 and 15, the IIP is set to transform the healthcare landscape through this innovative collaboration to save money and create staff efficiency.

Steve Boam, CEO of Develop Consulting said: “We are really excited about the launch as we want to be able to make it easier for ICS leaders to get the support they need while making cost savings and optimising staff efficiency in the process and all through the use of their data.

“The ability to promptly access regional data, assess patient risks, and effectively address key factors and complexities is crucial in developing focused and efficient transformation plans. Given the existing skills and resource challenges within the NHS, the strategic allocation of resources and the design of effective pathways and processes become paramount in managing demand effectively.

“By adopting a comprehensive perspective of the Integrated Care System (ICS) and utilising complex data sets to analyse demand versus capacity, as well as other crucial drivers and indicators like primary care capacity in relation to beds, A&E, and patient flow, we enhance our support and offerings to NHS regions.

“We have campaigned for over eight years for integrated and regional healthcare management and provision and so to be able to quickly and easily visualise what is happening to then focus on risk areas and process redesign is a huge advantage and will transform the healthcare landscape indefinitely,” he said.

Adam Townsend, Founder of Vuit Online added: “To know we can offer a suite of solutions, from trusted partners, across all the key areas of support our growing customer base requires gives us huge confidence for the future.

“Our joint offer to the NHS now speaks to the whole breadth of the significant challenges it is currently facing around resource and demand and draws on all of our proven expertise in the sector.

“For many leaders a shift from provider management to partnership working and responsibility for populations and their outcomes adds further complexity to their workload which, for many, is already overwhelming. Equally the need to deliver services within an incredibly tight financial envelope, not to mention the lack of clinical and medical staff, means that the requirement for transformation of services and delivery of partnership driven preventative activity has never been greater.

“The IIP can help NHS organisations make sense of this, at pace with the VUIT diagnostic tools, with support through consultancy, advice and training through the primary care and wider provider landscape,” he added.

The four companies already have a proven track record of success in the NHS and other healthcare sectors internationally. By pooling their collective experience and resources, the IIP offers a unique platform for ICS leaders to navigate the complexities of population health management and drive positive change.

The NHS ConfedExpo will be taking place at Manchester Central and is expected to attract around 5,000 healthcare leaders and managers, along with fostering networking, facilitating knowledge exchange and promoting innovation.

For more information about the IIP visit

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