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Unveiling the Power of Unseen Data at the Best Practice Show

The team behind the General Practice Demand and Capacity Optimisation Tool are set to take the stage this month (February) to discuss how unlocking unseen data can be used to control patient demand.


Max Pardo-Roques, Commercial Director, will be joined on stage by Steve New, Chief Executive of Solihull Healthcare Partnership (SHP) to discuss how the tool is reshaping the way they operate their practice.


The pair will be making their debut at the Best Practice Show in London’s Olympia with their joint session: ‘The Unseen Data: Can we use it to control Patient Demand?’ and they are poised to provide valuable perspectives on General Practice optimisation.


Mr New will be discussing how his practice uncovered hidden demand by engaging clinicians, care navigators and administrators to understand their patient interactions over one week using the tool – and how they then used this data to drive changes in their practice, improving the working lives of their staff and the care provided to their patients.


By understanding the demand they were bringing upon themselves, strategically triaging patients, and bridging the gap in urgency perceptions between clinical and care navigator teams, SHP has successfully developed and implemented a 12-month roadmap for improvement.


Mr Pardo-Roques said: “We are really excited to be showcasing this tool at the show, but also being given the opportunity to speak alongside SHP and discussing how using this kind of data can be transformative in healthcare.”


The session is scheduled for Wednesday, 28th February, at 10.45am and promises to provide valuable insights into managing patient demand effectively.


The team will also be at their stand, E59 and will be on hand to discuss the tool further, show examples of the data pack, and answer any other questions.


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